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Paolino Comelli

For Paolino Comelli there was one important rule to follow in business, and it was simple: the country never betrays. Paolino Comelli started with this belief in 1946, when people moved from the countryside to the city, where there were numerous opportunities to acquire abandoned vineyards in the hills of Colloredo di Soffumbergo, in which he saw great potential. Comelli managed to pass on his love for these hills to his son Pierluigi. He was a racing driver and lawyer when he was young, but returned to the winery in 1988 after a friend in France showed him what he could produce from his vineyards in Friuli. He got a vision and still pursues it with a lot of passion. Filippo and Nicola, Paolino's grandsons, are now following in their grandfather's footsteps. After spending many years abroad, they returned to Soffumbergo to rediscover their origins. The passion for the homeland and the wine is reflected in a special way in the great wines of the

Comelli family.


Friulano Colli Orientali DOC

100% Friulano, harvested by hand
Delicate aromas of apple, thyme, Meyer lemon and pear underlined by

white peach and almonds and wildflowers on the finish, dry, inviting with a fresh finish
0.75l item. No. 701777

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