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Azienda Agricola La Cadalora



It's called Ora, the wind that rises from Lake Garda every afternoon and blows through all the valleys north of the great body of water, from the lake to the Dolomites. The Tomasi family has associated their characteristic company with the name of this breeze. For at least six generations they have tended the fields around the village of Santa Margherita di Ala, from the large calcareous conoids to the small vineyards that are laid out on equally steep, hilly terraces. The Tomasi family is always striving to improve the ecological and territorial characteristics and cultivate international grape varieties, but they are also eager to recultivate old grape varieties such as Casetta. The excellent white and red wines are created here with a lot of passion. Every wine is characterized by excellent quality and great character.



Sauvignon IGT Vallagarina


smooth aromas of ripe peach and a hint of anise, aromatic, powerful, harmonious, elegant with a long finish

0.75l - Item No. 701665

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