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Destilleria Bepi Tosolini (Friaul) 

After the Second World War, Bepi Tosolini began to refine his experience in the production of distillates near Udine in Friuli. He was the first to mature the distillates in barrels lined with ashes. This way he achieved that they became white or transparent and also more finely aromatic. He is still considered a pioneer for distillates from Friuli. His annual top distillate, limited to 800 pieces, for which a different top designer creates the decanter every year, is now legendary.

Diffords Guide_Bepi Tosolini


Grappa da Chardonnay


distilled from 100% Chardonnay grapes

strong, round aromas of ripe apples and peaches, very aromatic, harmonious and mild

500ml – Item. No. 701421