Vassilakis Estate (Crete / Greece)


The Vassilakis family has been making extra virgin olive oils near Mirabello, which is in eastern Crete, since 1865. This region has always been dominated by the country and offers hot, dry summers and mild winters the ideal conditions for olive growing.


The Vassilakis family can guarantee the highest quality through manual harvesting and the latest processing technology, which takes place entirely in-house.


Only Koronei olives from our own olive groves or from the groves of long-term partners from the immediate vicinity are used. These olive oils are extremely low in acid and therefore rich in antioxidants.

Tenute Mokarta (Sicily)


In addition to wine growing , Tenute Mokarta also produces olive oil.


Extra virgin olive oil "Charisma"

An aromatic, delicately fruity olive oil for everyday use, suitable for cooking as well as for dipping or for salads, low in acid and rich in antioxidants.

250 ml - Item No. 701187
500 ml - Item No. 700902
5 l - Item No. 700905

Extra virgin olive oil unfiltered

from Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice olives, harvested by hand
Delicately fruity, delicately spicy aromas, very aromatic, smooth and persistent, maximum 0.2 to 0.3 acidity, perfect as a dip, for fish, salads, meat, pasta or simply enjoyed with bread
500ml - Item No. 701468


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