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Boeckel Winery (Alsace)


In 1853 the winemaker Frédéric Boeckel founded the Boeckel winery in Mittelbergheim in Alsace. Already at the end of the 19th century a large part of the wines - already bottled at that time - were exported. Today the fate of this renowned house is in the hands of Jean-Daniel and Thomas Boeckel. They continue to pay special attention to the care of the 23 hectares of top locations in and around Mittelbergheim, as well as the quality of the wine and crémants. Both the crémants and the wines fascinate with their particular elegance and finesse.


Riesling d'Alsace


Powerful aromas of ripe vineyard peach, round, full-bodied, harmonious, elegant, persistent
Item No. 701327

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

(90/100) 2015

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