Masseria Borgo dei Trulli winery


Alessandro Michelon fulfilled his dream and took over the Trulli winery in southern Apulia with his wife Elena almost five years ago. Since he had many years of experience as a consultant oenologist in various wineries in Puglia and also knew the grapes and the natural conditions of the area well, it was only a logical decision for him to take over the business. The traditional cultivation method and the cellar, which was completely renovated by the predecessor, combined with the great ability of Alessandro as an oenologist, show initial successes after a short time. His wines offer a perfect price-performance ratio.

PaoloLeo Wine
PaoloLeo Wine

PaoloLeo Familia
PaoloLeo Familia

PaoloLeo Wineyard
PaoloLeo Wineyard

PaoloLeo Wine
PaoloLeo Wine


Cantine PaoloLeo


The Leo family has their vines up to 70 years old on the Salento peninsula. Paolo follows his grandmother's advice in his philosophy of using only the best grapes for his wines. In this way he succeeds in producing top quality wines typical of the region. Numerous international awards are proof of this.

Apulien\ Weine
Primitivo-Salento-I.G.T. Borgo dei Trulli_ Italien_ Apulien.png

Primitivo Salento IGP (red)


Aromas of dark cherries, prunes, spices and a hint of white pepper, velvety, elegant.
0.75l - Item No. 701372


Negroamaro IGP


rich notes of currants and raspberries, fruity, soft, velvety
0.75l - Item No. 700895