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Winery Josef Pimpel (Carnuntum)

The Pimpel winery is located in Petronell, in the eastern part of Carnuntum. The Carnuntum region in eastern Lower Austria is known for elegant and full-bodied red wines. Josef Pimpel took over the winery from his parents in 2003 and is responsible for the work in the vineyards and the vinification in the cellar, with active support from his family. The vineyards are cultivated in a natural way, the grape processing is adapted to the respective variety. The red wines are matured in large wooden barrels or in barrique barrels. Josef Pimpel's philosophy is: "I am a winemaker. My wines are natural and artistic crafts. Nature provides the framework, I paint the picture. With clarity, elegance and longevity. Mine

Wine should bring you joy. That's why I'm a winemaker."

Zweigelt Carnuntum DAC.png

Zweigelt DAC Carnuntum

Velvety, juicy aromas of dark cherries and ripe raspberries combined with nuances of black pepper, chocolate and liquorice, round, fruity, dry, persistent
0.75l item. No. 701700

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