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Winery Laquai

The winery on the Middle Rhine was demonstrably founded in 1716 and is still in family hands today. In 1950 Paul Laquai took over the winery and modernized and expanded it

it little by little. Since the winery mostly has steep slopes, manual harvesting is essential here. The current owners, Gundolf and Gilbert, pay particular attention to the tradition of the region by consciously reviving the ancient knowledge of terraced wine growing

revitalize and also involve nature at any time. The wines are elegant, lean in the case of the Rieslings and creamy in the case of the Burgundies, and are great companions to the

suitable for a wide variety of kitchens.

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Riesling trocken Rheingau 102.tif

Allumea Grillo-Chardonnay IGT BIO


Refreshing aromas of pineapple and citrus, inviting, lively, smooth and persistent in the finish
Item No. 701283

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